"Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired in the morning, noon, and night. But the body is never tired if the mind is not tired." - George S. Patton

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tips for Beginning Runners

I just started running in January. When I decided I wanted to train for a marathon, I started reading up and learning as much as possible about what I was in for. I guess I disregarded some things or was just too excited about crossing a finish line to pay attention to some minor details. To those of you reading this blog that are just starting out in your training process, or just thinking about it, please... pay attention to the following:

1. Get the spandex. I know they don't look awesome to the naked eye, but when you are on mile seven on a 75 degree day, the last thing you want to be thinking about are your chaffing thighs.

2. Don't feel self conscious about yourself when you see drivers staring at you. Believe me, they are either jealous or thinking about how bad ass you are. They are also probably admiring your taste in spandex.

3. Drink Water.

4. Ladies, if you have birthed a child or more, you may want to think about some kind of panty protection before heading out on your long runs. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you wee yourself a little bit when you sneeze, wait until you hit your wall. Catch my drift?

5. It is okay to stop at stop lights in cross walks. Don't be that person jogging in place and checking your pulse. The people who drive by do not think you are bad ass when you do that. I promise. Also, take stop lights as an opportunity to stretch for a second. You will be glad you did.

6. Make sure you have Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin' somewhere on your Ipod. Just trust me on this one.

7. I know it's kind of cliche, but please don't ever mutter the words "I can't do this" or anything like that. You know damn well you can, don't be lazy. It's now or never.. don't waste anyone's time with negative thoughts.

8. Some things that do not qualify as excuses to skip a run include the following:
a. "I'm on my period." (running helps cramps)
b. "My leg hurts." (Ibuprofen became your best friend when you
decided to become a runner)
c. "I'm too fat for this." (Do you even know how fat I was when I
started? I'm 5'6 and was over 200 lbs. If I can, so can you.)
d. "I'm too tired." (endorphines, runner's high, etc. Next?)
e. "I hate running." (deep down, I think we all do..but like I
mentioned earlier; endorphines, runner's high and let's not
forget, when you are training you can eat what you like and not
gain an ounce!)
f. "I would rather get drunk." (Too bad there is a plethora of beer
post-just-about-every race on the planet!)

9. In the end, all running boils down to is one foot in front of the other. Once you can tell yourself that, you can do anything.


  1. Great post Teany!!! Probably your most inspirational so far!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for all the great tips. It's you telling me how much you love to run, that has made me try running. Dad and I have taken up walking and running. I feel great after I have walked and ran for 1 hour. Some day I will be running the whole hour, not walking. <3

  3. I saw your post on Active.com on Facebook! I will defintely read your blog :). Have you run your first marathon yet? I ran my first this year, and LOVE reading about other's journeys! It is the most amazing one...short of having babies! And BTW, I love this post for beginner runners!!!

  4. Jane,
    I have not run my first marathon yet! I am actually exactly one month away from my first half, the Rock and Roll Seattle! :) The full comes in November (the thought of that still makes me a little bit sick to my stomach, lol). Thanks so much for following! The more readers I have, the more accountable I am for my training.

  5. Hi,

    Like Jane above, I found your blog via an Active.com Facebook post just now. I immediately liked it! I ran my first 5k last summer on Sept 20...and promptly didn't run another step until May 18, 8 months almost to the day. In that 8 months I started grad school, and watched as everything else in my life fell off my plate, including running, eating well, and my general health. Since September 20 I have gained 20 lbs, putting me over the 200lb mark you mentioned yourself. I feel inspired to read your story...I can run for 90 seconds at a time now, and it is empowering to hear that you can run 3.5 miles or more! I will keep at it...I love running, it's therapy for me. I was a fool to ever let it become something I would give up because "I'm too busy/stressed out/tired/fat." As you said, all those things can be helped by running and eating well!

    So thanks for your blog, I look forward to reading your future posts! :)

  6. Kristina,
    That is so exciting!!! I had a baby 1 year ago, he was my 3rd, but I really started my real running journey after he was born. I have always been a 3 or 4 mile girl, but let my sis talk me into a half and full while prego with the latest. When he was 4 months old I completed my first half, and when he was 8 months I completed my first full! What a ride it has been. I just ran another 1/2...which I have figured is more for me, and I will continue to do as many 1/2's as I can get to. I would like to do a full again someday, but will wait till my kids are a little older. Good luck with your training, trust in your training!! You can do anything you set your mind to!!!

    Here is my blog post from my first full marathon...if you need a little inspiration :).


    Here is my post from my first half


  7. Awww Becky, I can relate to your comment all too well. When I started running in January I think I could go two blocks before I felt like death. Last weekend, I ran 8 straight. I think running is so rewarding because you see your progress so quickly!
    The thing is, most women are way too hard on themselves and find themselves on a downward spiral of self doubt. Once you realize it's okay to do something for you, and that you actually can do whatever you put your mind to.. the possibilities are endless.
    Thanks so much for reading and for the comment! I look forward to hearing about your future fitness endeavors! Good Luck!

  8. sorry, 8 straight miles, not blocks. lol

  9. Jane.. I just read your blog! That got mea like 80 times more pumped for the road ahead!! Thanks!

  10. Good post. Thanks for all the tips. It's all because of you, telling me how you like running so much verses walking. Now Dad and I are getting into running. I feel great after a hour of running and walking. Keep running or you will never get home. LOL <3 you.

  11. Awesome blog as usual! You are so funny! #7 was my favorite!

  12. Aloha! I found your blog via a post on FB...LOVE it! I really identified with quite a few of your tips. I just decided to get back into running & am training for my first 5K on July 4. I will be checking back with you for some of that much needed inspiration on a regular basis....THANK YOU from Hawaii! Nancy

  13. Congrats, Nancy on getting back into running! It's addicting in a way, isn't it? Thanks for reading the blog! And gooood luck! :)